New Utility
By Northeast Fire & Rescue
September 16, 2022

Finally after a long year, the company has taken delivery of our new utility. In 2018, the company developed and approved the company’s first ever apparatus replacement program. The point of the program is to keep the company owned apparatus replaced on a set year replacement for many reasons including less maintenance costs and more recovered costs during replacement of the older units instead of running our units into the ground. So far the company has been able to use a majority of grant money for replacements on the support pieces and still keeps a separate fund for apparatus replacement only. We’re extremely proud of how far we’ve come with being able to develop and continue this plan with the strong leadership and hard work of our members to ensure we keep our number one priority of the mission of serving our community with the best equipment possible. This unit will serve as a unit for manpower, medical assists and other service type calls along with will be setup to perform off-road land rescues. A big thank you to Hoffman Ford & B. Moyer Communications for their work on making this possible.