2024 Company Officers Announced
By Northeast Fire & Rescue
January 1, 2024

As we welcome the new year, we'd like to announce our 2024 Company Officers.


President- William Brougher Sr.
Vice President- Keith Littlewood
Treasurer- Brian Miller
Financial Secretary- TBA
Recording Secretary- Mary Fulton
Membership Secretary- Vicki Emrick
Trustees- Ken Helman, Chuck McMillen, Rob Richmond


Fire Chief- Joshua Matter
1st Asst. Chief- Steve Laman
2nd Asst. Chief- Steve Stilo Jr.
Captain- Bruce Cutter
Lieutenant- Rob Richmond
Lieutenant- Zach Brougher
Engineer- Anthony Christiana
Medical Coordinator- Nolan Littlewood

Board of Directors:

William Brougher Sr. - President
Joshua Matter - Fire Chief
Jon Saussaman
John Breeding
Bruce Cutter
Zach Brougher
Al Bruner - Citizen at large
Mario Billow - Citizen at large